We are expert to create sweets hopes

Popkidz, is a company that count with a group of proffessionals, expert in the manufacture and commercialization in the toy sector and toy whith piece of candy. Our objective is to cover the sweets illusions whit the infantile consumer to the time that we satisfy its demands at moments of leisure.

 Our philosophy is to offer innovation, design, quality and the best service. A human team to its service, with guaranteed knowledge that include marketing, design and the manufacture and commercialization of toys with piece of candy.

  • MISSION, Our missionnis to take care of and to anticipate the requirements of the infantile sector by means of combined products in whitch the candy and the toy take part. At the same time that we respect the legal norm, developing the competences of our collaborators and maintain a yield sustainable.
  • VISION, Our vision is to be a company in constant growth and innovation, with an international presence that distinguishes by the excellence in the service to its clients, by an absolute respect to its consumers and by a maintened yield, extending at the same time the opportunities of personal development.
  • VALUES, Open and honest communication. Commitment with our clients. Team of proffesionals and experts who base its work on valuing and respecting the thoughts to the customers. Integrity and transparency. Sustainability.

Toys with piece of candy (compressed candy) with surprising designs, interactive toys and news products that highligh the last trends.

We're partner to AIJU (Organisation of toy)

Non-profit making organization oriented to the research, the development, the technological innovations, the increase of the competitiveness and the improvement in the quality of products of the industrial sector of the toy. www.aiju.info


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